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iWatch Or Not, Here Are Five Wearable Gadgets With Serious Staying Power

Once again, Apple CEO Tim Cook hints that there are new products in the pipeline. And that’s got investors wondering: Where’s the iWatch?

The Top Three Coolest New Gadgets


T3 Editor-in-Chief Kieran Alger takes us through his top picks at IFA 2013: Samsung Galaxy Gear, Panasonic’s Toughpad, and Sony’s Xperia Z1. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Summer’s Top Tech Gadgets: U.K. Festival Survival Guide


It’s festival season in the U.K. and while that usually means mud, music and mayhem, there’s also room for tech fans too. These are the top gadgets for music festivals according to Sharif…

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Hot Technology Gadgets Of 2013 - InfographicWondering what are the Hot Technology Gadgets of 2013? Here is a list of some of the top products…View Post

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